6 Apr

Yes, I am still alive and well after working I don’t know how many 12-hour days, with a few of those covering everything all by my lonesome.  It has been a hard week.  I had most of my equipment stolen Saturday, which was a terrible thing, but found out later that night that I won a 3rd place award in the AP feature photo contest, which did not make up for losing my gear but helped a little.  But despite these hardships, I still feel pretty lucky to be a working journalist that is able to do what I love and believe in every day.  I recently ran across an article that made me feel even luckier that I went to a school that taught me the skills to be able to compete in such a competitive field.  I think that some schools today are having trouble keeping up with the rapid changes that are happening in the news industry.  Here is a link to the story and you can see for yourself some of the hardships that these young journalist are facing.  But, luckily, there are still some people out there who do care enough to dedicate their lives to telling a good story.

-Kyle Phillips


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